Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is a Linky Party? and the Christmas Mantel Linky Party has begun!

Hi loyal readers!

Welp, the
home holiday linky party has begun!
First up is Layla's Christmas Mantel Party.
What's that you say, you have no idea what I'm talking about?
What the heck is a "linky party"?
Blog speak, of course. It's 2010, folks, time to catch up on all the latest lingo. 

Remember the 80's:
BFF: Best Friends Forever
Face: kinda like when someone has been proven wrong
Foamer: a Liar
Grill: ask someone a ton of questions
JK: Just kidding
S'up: What's up?
Tight: Really cool

And then of course this centruy:
 :-)  :-X  ;-)
lol: Laugh out loud
 OMG: Oh my God
TTYL: Talk to you later
BTW: By the way
FAQ: Frequently asked questions
DIY: Do it yourself
TIA: Thanks in advance
TMI: Too much information
Y2K: You're too kind
the list goes ON and ON!

But this here is 2010 peeps, and the techy speak increases almost as fast as new blogs pop up.

Speaking of blogs, there's some blog speak that probably puzzles many at times.  Here's a few:

SAHM: Stay at home mom
DH: Dear husband
DS/DD: Dear Son/Daughter
IMO: In my opinion
HTH: Hope that helps
OT: Off topic

And now........... Linky Party: When one blogger, often a very popular blogger, decides on a theme for the party and then invites all bloggers to post their blog link on that theme.  So last week I participated in "My Favorite Things" Linky Party.  In case you missed my post read it HERE: My Top 10 Trader Joe's Items.  I worked SO hard to get that post turned in before the deadline....but as it was, I was a few minutes late.  Luckily she was sweet enough to include mine anyways, even if it was dead last on the list! If you didn't go to the party, great news, Linky Parties never end...see the post with hundreds of bloggers' (including yours truly) favorite things at  320 Sycamore.  (You know, I've gotten over 248 hits from posting on that party. That's 5 times more than any other single post I've written....my chalkboard paint post is 2nd with 49 hits.)Just FYI (oh, there's another one!) 320 Sycamore gets thousands and thousands of readers PER DAY.  She has over 6246 readers that subscribe to her blog -
OK friends, if you haven't signed up to follow my blog, sign up
I'm so appreciative of my 5 followers, but I'd love a few more!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, I didn't get my act together in time to pull off my holiday mantel in time for the linky party....
well that and I don't have a mantel (just a slight disadvantage there)....
but I sure had fun looking at so many mantels from the people that did participate. 
Layla at The Lettered Cottage hosted this one. 
As of when I last visited, there were 248 blogs linked up with mantel posts. 
That's a LOT of inspiration folks!  We've all got to come up with SOMETHING for our mantels after reading through them all.

Ok, so I am going to try to participate in the Holiday Craft Party on Dec. 7.  My kids and I are going to do a Christmas Tree Ornament craft tomorrow. Wish me luck that their ornaments will come out looking linky party-worthy!  
I'll be posting it on my blog as well as Kate's over at Centsationalgirl. 

In the meantime, Happy Happy Holiday Decorating!


  1. Thanks for the linky party definition. I have a new blog and had no idea what everyone was talking about. I just entered my first party...It's for new bloggers. Anyway, I'm way impressed with the 30 followers you now have. Way to go!


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