Monday, November 8, 2010

Sneak peek at 2 projects: wainscoting and another dresser

Well, some exciting news...
I picked up another free dresser today and this one is
PERFECT for my son's room. 
My dear friend (and talented designer) found this for me next to a dumpster, the poor thing! 
But she rescued it and now I'm giving it new life and a new home (sorry in advance for how rough my son will likely be on you, but you've been through a lot,
I know you can handle it!
My friend has an incredible sense of style and I love her taste.  She recently renovated her bathroom and is going to share it with us....tumbled travertine, Restoration Hardware fixtures, lots of white, it's beautiful!  Be on the look-out soon for lots of pics and juicy details.

OK, here we go!  This is my latest free find:

I just love how masculine it looks.  The lines on it are fabulous. 

One drawer has this built-in divider.

And a retro, old-school change tray in the top drawer, so classic, and again, so masculine.

What a find don'tcha think!

My son was so excited about it when he came home from school that we couldn't resist starting on it right away! 
I know there are so many paints out there now that claim you
don't need to sand before, but I'm skeptical and like to roughen it up a bit regardless.  Plus, then I can use no VOC paints and not have to think twice about coverage. 
Hummm, paint? 
I'm not sure how I'm going to paint it yet, actually.  I was originally thinking of your basic Pottery Barn Kids navy blue.  But then my friend suggested I try a 2-tone glaze, possibly brown/gray??  There's always black, too.  Oooooh, what about red?  My son asked to paint it blue and gold for Cal.  Ahhhh, DH is proud.  Go Bears!
But NO. 
I love Cal just as much as the next, well I love my hubby and I love Cal, let's leave it at that.  At any rate, I'm putting out the blood, sweat and tears, and I get to pick the color! 
 (But I might compromise with a removable Cal decal on the SIDE or perhaps some Star Wars Wallies from Pottery Barn Kids - all removable I might add!)

What color do you think is good for a boy's dresser?  Have you ever tried a glaze?
Leave me a comment!

Lookin' GOOD!    Ahhhhh, thanks J.K.!    Looking forward to seeing your bathroom.

Speaking of's another preview of something we're working on.  Our "almost" finished master bathroom is a tad closer to finished after this weekend!  We are just about done with wainscoting.  Here's the before:

Stayed tuned for lots of pics of the after coming soon!


  1. Very cool dresser! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I'll show this to Simon and get us motivated to do one for his room.

  2. I vote for one of the thousand shades of white. Are you going to change the hardware?

  3. @Melissa- I'll let you know as soon as I decide. I'm leaning towards this glazed combo of brown and gray...just gotta get buy-in.

    @3L's Dad- Yes, new hardware for sure. Will have to wait to see what color I paint it before I can decide on hardware. Probably a simple knob of oil rubbed bronze.


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