Sunday, November 28, 2010

Operation: Pumpkin Clean Up! {Was supposed to be: Menu Monday Pumpkin Pie}

With Thanksgiving a mere memory, and Elf on the Shelf making his appearance, it's time to decorate for Christmas!  Yay!
We've been listening to Christmas music all day and getting in the mood.  I pulled out the Christmas picture books and left used all my will power to leave the Christmas decorations boxes in the garage. 

We have to put away all of the Thanksgiving decor and put away all of our luggage/clothes from our Thanksgiving trip to LA and the Happiest Place on Earth before we can bring more stuff into the house.  I think I'll have the luggage put away in record time (it will be easy to beat my usual 1-2 weeks).

At any rate...the pumpkin scene in our front yard has passed its prime.  I was so looking forward to making pumpkin pie out of that 119 pound pumpkin, but's "melting" on my driveway. 
Luckily, that made for a relatively easy clean-up! 
All that wetness on the ground is from the pumpkin, yuck!

The back was "melting".

DH pushed on it a little and it was Jello underneath.

And then it started to crack.....
and crack some more.....
and then the back fell in.


I wonder if it still weighs 119 pounds?
That's yard waste, right?

This is all that was left.

One shovel scoop and that pumpkin is history!

Now can we get our tree?

When do you get your tree? Have you started decorating yet?

For some inspiration, be sure to check out the holiday decorating parties starting Nov. 30!

The Christmas Mantel Party is at The Lettered Cottage

The Christmas Vignette Party is at Southern Hospitality

The Christmas Craft Party is at Centsational Girl.

The Christmas Tree Party is at Thrifty Decor Chick

Check them out, you are sure to get TONS of new and creative ideas.  These ladies are amazing!


  1. Did you save the seeds?
    Mail them to the first 100 responders?

  2. What can one really do with all the pumpkins bought during the fall holiday season? I guess the x-large pumpkin pies from Costco for $5.99 are too irresistable versus actually making them from scratch if its even actually possible to make a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin.

  3. Caughlin Ranch: OK, deal...seeds to the first 100 responders. And yes, when I get my chickens, I'll start that compost pile too.

    3 L's Dad: The Costco pumpkin pies are the deal of the season...I can almost eat a whole one for breakfast.


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