Thursday, November 11, 2010

And the dresser paint color is...

OK, don't laugh

So remember I said I was originally thinking of painting the dresser navy like the ones from PB Kids?  But thought that is so boring. And then I decided to be creative and try something different and new.  I was going to do a glaze...maybe a brown base and gray glaze; or a gray base and brown glaze. 

Then my son talked me into a blue base with darker  blue glaze after seeing a sample in the
"Strié brochure".  Well, maybe we'll do a gray with a blue glaze...or blue with gray glaze.

And then I got to the paint store and chickened out
I decided to go with a navy blue (like the Pottery Barn Kids dresser I said I didn't want to copy) but I'd spice it up a bit with some gray accents on the raised detail work.  Here's the funniest part, I ended up not only with navy, but a navy from the
PB Kids Benjamin Moore Paint Collection!  Well, you know, I don't believe in recreating the wheel.  I love PB's style so why wouldn't I love their paint choices?  I picked
Benjamin Moore's Kensington Blue for the base color and
BM Edgecomb Gray (from a previous Pottery Barn collection as well!) 

BM HC-173 edgecomb gray

BM 840 kensington blue

I thought I'd try a foam brush this time, hoping to get less of the "refrigerator" look that the foam roller leaves (do you know what I'm talking about? That pock mark look? Kinda like a colored refrigerator.)

I have these nice new brushes DH bought me after forgetting to rinse my favorite Purdy brushes out one too many times.

But alas, I STILL use those old Purdy brushes over everything else...and this time, same story.
I didn't care for the foam brush and in fact, decided
I don't like the foam roller either.

I like a high quality brush and a steady hand to get straight line strokes.

Purdy is da best, worth every penny, years old with caked-on paint. 

After painting my girls' dresser with a foam roller, I decided I prefer the brushstroke look to the bumpy refrigerator look. 

I sanded the dresser pretty well. Wanted to get all the old shiny finish off and down to bare wood. I like to start with a super smooth surface cause your finished surface will never be better than that of your starting surface.

I removed the old knobs, filled the holes with wood putty and sanded when dry.

Ready for the primer coat.
Did you know it's ok to use a white primer
even if you plan to paint a dark color? It is.  Yay, I already have white primer. No need to race out to the paint store.

After the primer dried, I sanded with 220 grit sand paper and my electric sander.

Now ready for the first coat of Kinsington Blue!  I had a few neighbors around while I was working and I felt I was on one of those HGTV shows as I popped the paint can lid off and
revealed the color!

You might notice there are some white spots on the drawer fronts and on the top as well.  Those places are going to be the Edgecomb Gray.  Hopefully I get a picture of the finished dresser in better light (and not against the blue tarp!)

Since I had my painting clothes on and a wet white primer brush and roller...I figured I'd hop on into the master bath and give the wainscoting a primer coat.

While trying to paint behind the toilet, trying to ignore the fact that it's probably overdue for a cleaning, my brush slipped a few times and gave me a CRAZY idea.  The toilet is the only thing we didn't replace in the remodel.  Money is tight and the toilet is a Toto.
But it's almond, not white. I really want a white toilet. But when my brush hit the toilet a few times, quite by accident, I realized,
Have you ever done that?
Is it possible?


  1. Ahhh, yes, GOOD POINT! Didn't think of that...see they's why I asked you guys. Ok, so ixnay on the painting the toilet idea. I'll stick with furniture for now. I have 3 nightstands to do next....oh and a secretary/desk.


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