Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Monday: Holiday Teas at Trader Joe's

My post today was supposed to be homemade pumpkin pie but the pumpkin I was set to use luckily didn't cooperate very well. (remember: Operation Pumpkin Clean-Up?)

So, I'll tell you about two more Trader Joe's holiday offerings! 
(What am I going to do in January?)

First up is their Vanilla & Cinnamon Black Tea and it's just as advertised...the perfect mix of, well, cinnamon and vanilla. I think I almost like aroma more than the tea it smells that good. So cozy to wake up to.  It's black tea, so of course caffeinated.  It's replaced my usual English Breakfast for the foreseeable future.

Next up is the Candy Can Green Tea.  Just saw this one today for the first time.  Wow, it smells JUST like a candy cane, go figure.  It's kinda like those Jelly Bellys...I always wonder how they get them to smell/taste just like the food they are mimicking.  Actually, no I don't...that's mostly artificial flavoring...but
this here's the real deal folks. Nothing artificial. Peppermint Leaf is the first ingredient. You know what else I love about this tea, it's decaffeinated, so I can enjoy it all afternoon/evening. And you must know the health benefits of green tea by sip away, get your candy cane fix for "free" (no calories) and get your fill of antioxidants, too.
I've had 2 cups already today.

But as expected with Trader Joe's, better stock up January these newest offerings are sure to be history. 

Coming up soon:

- {finally}Finished Wainscoting in Master Bathroom
- A homemade Christmas Stocking craft idea (linking up to Centsational Girl's linky party)
- All sorts of things I'm spray painting (picture frames, lamps, hinges, door knobs, a wall mirror to name a few)

Happy Holiday Decorating! Have a beautiful week!

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