Monday, September 20, 2010

I discovered chalkboard paint!

I've had several blog posts planned and just hadn't published them today is my day to publish the ideas I've been working on. (Today is also the first day on my calendar that is completely white, not a thing written in today!)

Thanks to Michelle at Sweet Something Design, I have gotten very inspired to paint. (Like I needed inspiration for that.) She has great posts on painting lamps and vases and all sorts of stuff, plus she loves chalkboard paint and now I know why! She has some wonderful ideas and is so creative. Be sure to check out her blog!
Sweet  Something Designs

My first two projects were the side of a kitchen cabinet and the side of our entry cabinet. The kitchen cabinet is for me! I get to write whatever I like on it, it's not at kid height! The entry cabinet is for the kids.

I cleaned the surfaces with a damp cloth. Then I rolled on the paint! No primer, no sanding, just used a foam roller and rolled it on. Two coats, 4 hours to dry between. We did the first coat in the 20 min. we had before soccer practice! Then for 3 long days the kids kept asking when it was ready to use...there is a 3 day wait period. When my son came home from school on the 3rd day he was quick to remind me this was the end of the 3rd day and it's time to color! So all 3 kids grabbed chalk at the same time and went to it. I was quite impressed, though....they divided the very narrow space (21 inches wide by 36 inches high) into 3 sections and each colored on their assigned area!

I got to try it:

Then the kids took over:

In the kitchen:
....and next step (there's always a next step)-find dustless chalk!!

Now I'm going to work on my chalkboard handwriting skills!


  1. Have you tried chalk ink pens like they use at Starbucks?

  2. Love these! Great job and so much fun!
    Your kids must love a child I fondly remember wanting to write on the chalkboard all the time! :)

    Deborah xoxo

  3. I discovered chalk board paint going through blogs! I just finished a project. My paper shredder broke. It had a large black waste basket ( plastic). the new shredder came with a basket. So I got out my blue paint tape taped off a large square in from of the old basket. Spray painted the chalk paint on the front. The next moring took off the tape. I learned before you use the board take chalk sideways and rub all over the surface first. After I did that, I wiped it off and wrote on the front; recycle. I now have a nice indoor recycle bin for paper! I got a free garage find old enamel pan very ugly! I taped off the sides and on the bottom inside of the pan spray painted it with chalk, I put it ontop of my washer. I write myself encouraging words on it. Have fun, so many ideas for chalk paint.


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