Saturday, January 1, 2011

Counter Top Compost Pails

Well, folks, it's newest undertaking is going to be composting!
{After all, one of my blog themes is green living, so this is a good
GREEN New Year's Resolution!}

I received an outdoor compost bin for Christmas {mmm-wa to those who know me well} and am now learning everything it takes to put it to use
(remember my fall garden?)...well this year's spring/summer garden promises not to disappoint with all the great soil I'm about to have.
My 6 year old son calls it the "Death Star".
All I know is that I'd better get it out from under the tree before one of my kids plays hide-n-seek in there, or the dog uses it to hide from the abominable dishwasher.

The first thing I need is a cute counter top compost bin for the kitchen. 
I don't think this bowl is a long term option- we can't afford to have even one bowl out of the rotation.

So...I've started my on line shopping/research for counter top compost bins.  Things to look for include:

Cute factor {Duh!}
Odor-free {is it possible?}
Fruit fly-free {ditto?}
Size {capacity and real estate it will need on the kitchen counter}
Price {don't cha wish that wasn't a factor?}

Ok, so I have limited counter space in my kitchen, not sure if I wanna use up a valuable 10 sq. in. with a garbage can or just try to shove it  fit it in neatly under my sink. But there are SO many cute ones that it could work out just fine to put it on the counter...and who knows, maybe I can buy several for the different seasons...I wonder if there's one with St. Nick's mug on the front? 
Look at these, they definitely fit the cuteness criteria, don't cha think?
"grow" and "simplify"

They are from Uncommon Goods...and they are A-DOR-A-BLE! 
But with a price tag of $60 {ouch}, they aren't really meeting the "price" criteria.  Makes this $32 one from Williams Sonoma look cheap- and that's hard to do at Williams Sonoma!

And the Williams Sonoma one is a tad bigger with 1 gal capacity vs. the approx. 2/3 gal for the Uncommon Goods Cutiepie...that means less trips out to the big bin-
I'm just tryin' to go greener, not exercise too!
Plain white ceramic, as classic as it gets, huh?  It would look great in my black/white kitchen.  I probably can't go wrong with it.  It even comes with an in-lid charcoal filter that absorbs odors (or so they claim).  Filters should be replaced every 4-6 months and cost around $4 a piece.

Or how about Crate and Barrel's version?  $39.95
The Stainless Steel design would also go well in my kitchen.  It holds 1 gallon, like the Williams Sonoma model. 

Now, take a look at this one, also from Crate and Barrel, but it holds a whopping 1.5 gallons of peels, pits and shells. 
You know what that means?...less trips outside to the big bin! 
He's cute, huh, all short and stumpy.

But you know what I'm thinking? 
Less trips to the outside bin = longer time inside sitting on the counter = STINKY BIN & FRUIT FLIES

Ok, moving right along. There's the bamboo route...I'm not a huge fan; plus, it's hand-wash only. Umm, I'll pass!
Find it and it's round sister at

Sur La Table has two stainless models, and both use 2 filters, humm, does that mean less stink or just more to buy?  Their 1 gallon bucket:

And they also make a 1.5 gallon, which looks to have the same footprint, just a tad taller.  Well well, could be a winner, on sale from $50 to $29.96

Hate to say it, but it's just not quite as cute as the other stainless ones I've seen. Ok, it's out.

Sur La Table also has a white ceramic number on sale right now for just $19.96 (marked down from $40!)  With it's 1 gallon capacity and charcoal filter, it's comparable to the rest.  I think this just might be the one.

I think I need to pop into Sur La Table this weekend.  :-) 
Guess that means I have to go to the mall, sorry kids!

Ooooooooooo, now hold the phone,
look at this little puppy from Cost Plus....$14.99 and includes a charcoal filter.  1 gal capacity.

And their stainless model at $29.99. 

I think I'll hop on over to Cost Plus this afternoon (conveniently located next door to Trader Joe's) to check them out.
Oh snap, I just remembered today is a holiday, are they even open?
Yep, 'til 7:00pm
Alright folks, my money is on the Cost Plus models...leaning towards the white one. 

 Let's see if they meet the criteria:
Cute?  Check {not adorable, but attractive, classic and match my kitchen}
Odor-free? Chhh-e-e-e-ckkk {I'm not sold on any of them being odor-free, but with the 1 gal capacity I will try to hope to take it out before it gets too stinky}
Fruit fly-free? {Ditto-see above}
Size? Check {1 gallon capacity should last 2 days and doesn't take up too much real estate on the counter}
Price? CHECK! {$15 or $29.99...if they don't end up working out, at least I didn't break the bank}

And the bonus, I have my handy dandy Cost Plus World Market $10 off $30 purchase coupon {sign up here to get yours} I can pick up some extra filters and maybe some compost bag liners (=less washing of the pail) and save even more moooo-la.

Just keep me away from THIS!

ON SALE at Cost Plus for $199, how can I resist?

I will resist
I will resist
I will resist
I will resist
I will resist
I will resist
I will resist
I will resist
I will resist
I will resist

Ok, seriously, who knew one could spend hours shopping for a garbage can cute little compost bin?

Do you compost? Do you have one of these cute little scrap cans?
Any tips for a composting novice?

Do you have any GREEN resolutions for 2011?



  1. Love the product reviews!!!!! One of my New Year's resolutions is to live more green.
    With your help I am sure that I will achieve it!

  2. Thanks Janette! I brought home the Cost Plus white ceramic one today. It's actually just .75 gal (they changed models)...but the 1 gal. stainless one just looked too big for the hcounter. It looks cute behind the sink!

  3. I think it is the Death Star.

    Can you grow worms in it also?

  4. Thanks for the run down. My husband just told me I was rediculous because I have been online for over three hours looking for that perfect composte container for my mom. I wish they didn't all look like trashcans, yet the ones that are fancier are badley shaped to pull the bags out of them. Williams Sonoma has a new one that is okay. Still looking. Like the blue chair. Kitty R


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