Monday, January 10, 2011

And the winner is......

The white ceramic compost bin from Cost Plus.
A real bargain at $14.99
Does't it look so cute on my counter?

It ended up being only 0.75 gallons, rather than the 1 gallon it stated on line.  But that's okay, I like the size. Cost Plus had a 1 gallon stainless steel one, but I thought it was actually too big.
And at $14.99, it paid to shop around a little before rushing out to the mall.
{See all the countertop compost pails I researched HERE.}

I've filled it a number of times already and it hasn't smelled yet!  No fruit flies either.  Fingers CROSSED!

For a VERY brief {non-expert} tutorial on composting, click here for my composting 101 post.

Speaking of composting, I did a little January harvesting and here's what came up:
A TON of baby carrots!
Now, let me explain something: the seeds were NOT baby carrot seeds. 
{Did you know "baby" carrots from the store aren't really babies at all? They are just big guys cut to look that way.}
At any rate, these were not meant to be baby carrots, but that's what you get when you plant 200 seeds in a 2 sq.ft. spot and then allow them to be shaded by an over-growth of broccoli rabe!
Next year I'll do a little better spacing...and have some wonderful compost to add.

But we all enjoyed them no matter their size.

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