Thursday, December 16, 2010

New projects just seem to fall into my lap

Looks like we'll have another project on our hands in the new year.
Are you unsure of what exactly you are looking at?

This, my friends, is where a wild animal our almost 12 year old, 50 pound dog tried escaping from our master bedroom.
The poor girl is deathly afraid of the dishwasher (to me it ranks up there with her in the best friend status) and yesterday I was happy to check one thing off my list before I left the house in the morning made the HUGE mistake of leaving her home alone while it was running.

First she tried the wood-clad sliding door, which is now torn to shreds at the bottom.  When she couldn't get that to open, she moved on to a side window. 

When that wouldn't release her into the wild, she tried yet another side window.

I didn't know a dog could shred the slats of shutters like that, did you?

My sweet 6 year old son asked, "Mommy, are you going to fix them?" 
"No sweetheart, I don't think so......they've been TORN TO SHREDS!"

We weren't huge fans of them anyways, but there are plenty of things we aren't huge fans of but aren't running out to replace.  There's a list of priorities that my dog apparently wasn't aware of.  This wasn't too high on that list.

Maybe I'll ask Santa for new shutters.....or better yet, new windows!

Counting down....only 9 days until Christmas!

Happy Happy week to you all.

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  1. This reminds me of an old animated Orchard Supply Hardware commercial where a bird is scolding a dog by saying "Bad dog, bad dog". Never quite got the commercial but the sentiment seems apropos.


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