Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bathroom is grouted!

Our bathroom is getting closer to completion! The tile is now 97% finished and grouted! We just need to get the marble slab pieces for the top of the curb and the top of the pony wall and it's finished.

Next step will be to have the plummer come back to put the sink pipes into the wall (for some reason they are sticking out like 6 inches and are huge....which won't look so great behind the see-through vanity) and then we'll fix the sheetrock behind the vanity and finally get the vanity in place ready for the marble fabricators to come measure, cut, install!

Things we still need to decide:
lights over vanity mirrors (will be a two arm, pointing down light of some type)
shower door
paint color
whether to do the walls with subways or wainscoting or just big baseboards and pain

DH is working on the door and window trim in the bathroom right now. That will finish it off so nicely!

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