Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bathroom remodel week 2

Sorry it's been a while since I posted. We took a 4 day camping trip to Lake Tahoe last weekend, which was amazing! We're still getting unpacked and cleaned up from the trip, but that hasn't slowed down the bathroom remodel.
Our tile guy has been here for 3 days now and is almost finished! He did all the mud on day 1. Then yesterday he tiled the shower walls with white subway tiles. Today he did the marble floor (18x18 carerra marble) and some of the quarter round and cuts of the subway. Tomorrow he plans to finish the shower floor and grout!
Our marble vanity slab has been ordered. I didn't get it for quite the price I had hoped to, but think I got a great deal over all. I ended up buying a huge slab and we're using almost all of it. We'll have the vanity top, 3 sides of backsplash on the vanity, a slab for the shower curb and a slab for the top of the pony wall and finally we'll be using a slab for our entry way countertop! We hadn't planned that last project, but since we had to buy a whole slab, it didn't cost much more to have them cut it to fit our entry way. So I got all of the marble, fabricated and installed for $1800. Not bad considering most of the quotes I got for JUST the vanity top alone were $1,500-$1,700. I'm happy!

Here are some in-progress pictures:

Left side of shower.

Left side of shower, peeking into w/c area.

Right side of shower and my cute last minute cut out for shampoo.

The main floor.


  1. I love your remodel! Did you also frame out the shower yourselves? We need to do one too! I like how you left the shower open..will you later do the clear glass or shower curtain? Came over from Cents Girl

  2. Ann, we did frame the shower ourselves, it wasn't too hard really. I can give you more details if you like. We will do a clear glass frameless door as soon as we save up money! Working on negotiating a deal right now.


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