Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3 bathroom remodel

Day 3 of our studs to spa in 3 weeks master bath remodel:

Today I called 3 more places looking for a marble slab for the vanity. Trying to find the most beautiful piece for the lowest cost! That's my "Nordstrom quality for Walmart prices" theme. I talked to the Restoration Hardware outlet for what was probably a total of an hour looking for a marble slab and finally concluded that the only one they had was in shabby shape. I called 3 other places and got quotes from $900-$1700. I'd love to get it for $800.....well $900 if you included the two pieces I need for the shower curb and pony wall. So that's my goal: $900 total for the marble pieces I need. I'm almost there! Restoration Hardware charges $1500 plus tax for the marble, so I figure no matter what I'm doing pretty good! Also, I got the vanity from Resto's what normally costs $1550, well $1750 if you count shipping, I got at the outlet for $650!

Here's the vanity:

Still undecided on fixtures. Our taste has us picking out one that is crazy expensive. Back to my Walmart budget. So we are trying very hard to find something for a low cost that we love just as much....still looking. Here's the one we love, Kohler Pinstripe:

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  1. Celeste, at long last I got to look at your blog - when do you find the time????? I love seeing your renovation project. We are about to undergo ripping apart more than 1/2 our house and making it green, safe, clean and beautiful (not in that order....) and I love hearing about your experiences.....


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