Monday, August 29, 2011

A Fall Wreath

Hi friends!

School is in full swing around here, so that means I only have my twin girls home with me full time! With so much extra time on my hands, it’s time to ramp up my projects around here, don’t cha think?

No Bon Bons or soaps for this mama.

I took a look at my 2011 House Goals and realized one easy I have left is to paint my son’s room.  I need to get on that.  So I’m in the impossible painful process of choosing just the right color.  Do you recall how hard that is for me?  If not, see here.

At any rate…today I decided to tackle a much easier project than selecting a paint color, I made a fall wreath! I figured the 4th of July was long over and it was time to take down my red/white/blue wreath.  If you missed it, or just want a fun/easy wreath idea, see it here.  You can make a beautiful fall wreath with the same technique…perhaps with corduroy fabric or even burlap.  They’re so easy and cute, heck, you could make one for every month!

But I’ve had this jute rope sitting in my garage for months {thanks dad} and I have been wanting to make something with it.  Also, Cost Plus had the most adorable little felt owls the other day, and I needed an excuse to buy one {or two, hee hee}. So here you go, my fall wreath:


Here’s how I did it….

Materials: foam wreath {I used a straw wreath cause they were on sale…probably won’t do that again, it’s SOOOO heavy and it bends}, jute rope {you can get it at Home Depot or the like}, burlap fabric, and those cute little owls from Cost Plus World Market!


Wrap the rope around the wreath until covered. You’ll find that because the inside of the circle has a smaller circumference than the outside, you will finish the inside and still have a gap left on the outside.  If that doesn’t make sense, feel free to ask about the geometry lesson that goes with this project. Or just look at the picture of what I mean here:


Get it?

So I just wrapped a second layer over the bottom for a short distance and made sure to just cover that part up with decorations.


Then I made a bunch of burlap flowers using the great tutorial from Prudent Baby.


And finally I hot glued all of the flowers and the little owls onto the wreath.



How key-ute are those owls?! I’m sure I could have made them, but alas…


Here it is hanging on my door…which is where I intended to use it…but I’m guessing you might find it atop my fall mantel at some point.  I am finding it hard to decorate a black door for fall. All the fall colors look so drab against the black.  What do you think?


Or how ‘bout I just change that KNOB!!! HELLO?!?! 

How have I ignored that for so long? Shame on me!! It’s not even on my 2011 House Goals. Guess what #1 of my 2012 goals will be?

So for now it sits on my front door…but if I think of something else brilliant for the door, my fall mantel will have it’s first accessory.


However, the mantel will have to wait…I still have a few more weeks of summer to take advantage of! 

Have you started {to think about} decorating for fall? Don’t feel badly if you say “no”…remember, I just took down my 4th of July d├ęcor today!  Smile!!


  1. It is soo cute! I love the colors, and the burlap flowers. Those owls are fabulous, too! Great job! I bet it was a messy project, but the results are wonderful!

  2. Oh how I love a good wreath, and you did an excellent job on this one! Love the little details you added! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share!

  3. mavis E. ButterfieldSeptember 4, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    You had to get a little math lesson in there, didn't ya dude??

  4. Adorable wreath!! Maybe I could even make one!


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