Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fourth of July Rag Wreath

Hi and Happy Summer! 

It’s officially summer and has finally stopped raining in N. Cal, Yay!!

I have been sooo wrapped up in my master bedroom remodel, I have been neglecting the {kids, cooking, laundry, bathrooms} rest of the house/decorating for summer.  Then I saw this rag wreath the other day on Twin Dragonfly Designs and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.


I loved coming home every day to my Valentine’s Day Wreath; it made the front door so welcoming.  I figured I could adapt the rag wreath to make one for the 4th of July! 


I felt guilty about starting {yet} another project before finishing all of the other ones I have begun…so before I made this wreath today, I did a primer coat on all my picture frames and mirror. I am trying to finish my photo gallery wall which will sit on the picture ledge atop the board and batten in our family room.

IMG_6832 IMG_6833

And then I allowed myself to take a detour to the fabric store for my 4th of July Wreath!


Materials Needed:

~1 yard of red fabric

~1 yard of white fabric

~3/4 yard of blue fabric

~a foam (or any kind would work) wreath

Easy Peasy Directions:

I ripped the fabric into strips that were 2” wide by 14” long (I could get 3 strips per length of fabric…42” wide fabric)  I ended up using 50 strips of red, 50 strips of white and 39 strips of blue. 

Next I tied the strips onto the wreath in a simple knot.


I did 5 strips of red, then 5 white, then 5 red and so on. 


I alternated the knot placement to make it as full as I could.


And then I scrunched them all together.  And in just an hour I had a festive wreath to welcome guests {and myself}!




It makes me smile every time I come home!

Now I’m off to do a 2nd coat of spray paint on those frames.  Smile!


  1. That is just awesome! Great job!

  2. Celeste hopw original! This is beautiful!!
    And look at all those frames !!!
    You are a little go-getter!
    Filled with energy and creativity!! Lol
    Yeah Celeste! :)

    Deborah xoxo

  3. I just found your blog and love it!

  4. mavis E. ButterfieldJune 26, 2011 at 4:57 PM

    Woooh, you've been one heckuva busy bee dude! : )

  5. I just finished making this. It turned out super cute!! Thanks for the instructions!

  6. Celeste,
    I made one for my front door and it is super cute! Thank you so much for the step-by-step instructions that proved to be very helpful. I just love coming home to it.


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