Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twin Girls’ Bedroom Tour

Hi Friends! 

Starting this week, I am going to give you a tour of my house, or at least most of it {there are a few spaces you just don’t wanna see.}

Today we’ll begin in my twin girls’ bedroom cause there’s too much pink and sweetness to resist…also it’s next in line for a make-over, so I want to show you before it changes! By Christmas their room will hold 2 twin beds {somehow?? haven’t figured that out yet} a canopy {or two?} new linens and pillows {that are almost all entirely sewn by yours truly} new drapes {also likely created on my sewing machine} and a new wall color {I better start on that now}.

OK let’s begin the tour…shall we?




And now….some details:IMG_9552 

Baby Dolls: Pottery Barn Kids

Sweet Dreams Pillow: Target

Princess Signs, Round Shabby Pillows & Butterfly Pillows: gifts


Toddler duvets and sheet sets are handmade by me using a Pottery Barn Kids Ballerina Sheet Set that was out last Christmas. It didn’t come in toddler bed sizes, so I bought a full bed sheet set and made duvets, sheets and pillow cases. Click here to read about them and see more pics!

IMG_9489Wall Sconces & Chandelier: Pottery Barn Kids Mia Collection

I just love the sweet feminine flair they add to the room. IMG_9490


Alphabet Cards: eeBoo Fairies in the Garden Alphabet Wall Cards on Amazon.

I attached them to a wide satin ribbon with painted clothespins.



Artwork: Acrylic on canvas by each of my girls





Artwork: Watercolor, hand-painted by a good friend’s talented mother…a shower gift. I just love the twin girls sprinkling fairy dust on the frog!


Lamp: Tar-jay

Frames: Tar-jay

Shabby Striped Drapes: Tar-jay

Lamp: again…… Tar-jay…love their shabby chic collection by Rachel Ashwell.

Plant: who knew there is a pink leaf plant? My daughters wanted a pink plant but I feared that could only mean one thing: pink flowers.  My green thumb can’t keep indoor flowers alive for more than 2 weeks.  Low and behold, my dear little one spotted a pink plant at Home Depot from across the nursery.  That girl can spot pink like a needle in a haystack.

Pink Flower Pot: Ikea


White Dresser: Free off Freecycle, painted and distressed by me…read all about it here.







Other White Dresser: Wish I could take credit for this one, too…but I paid to have this one painted before I realized I could do it myself! It’s a Goodwill find painted by a local painter



Rug: Girls Newport Stripe from PB Kids

Doll Crib: KidKraft Doll Cradle; we have both styles they make

Toddler Bed: from a Twins Club member, thank God for the twins club!

Hardwood Floors: red oak stained ebony with a drop of mahogany. See master bedroom floor refinishing here and here



Treasure Chest/Jewelry Boxes: Old- School Samsonite Luggage- decorated by Auntie.

Piggy Banks: Birthday gifts from Uncle.

Well my friends, I think that about covers it!  Oh oh oh, the wall color!  It’s Benjamin Moore Antique Pearl.  It’s the most beautiful shade of pale lavender, bordering on pink. I just love it.  If you don’t mind, let me give you one tip on choosing paint, especially for a kids’ room…be careful!  No, seriously, chose a color that looks pretty muted/neutral on the chip.  If you pick a color that looks really green or really yellow or really blue on the chip, it will be NEON LIME GREEN or LEGO BRICK BLUE or NEON 80’s YELLOW on the wall!  EEEEEEKKK!  Sometimes people think since it’s a kids’ room it should be bright ‘n cheery, and they get turned off by a muted color chip. Don’t be!  Anything that looks bright on a chip will bring you back to 80’s neon dove shorts on the walls….and you wonder why your baby has trouble falling asleep?  I’ve tried many many colors out there, give me a holla if you wanna chat about color options!

Alrighty folks, now that really covers it! For now this is my twin girls’ bedroom.  Stay tuned for the rest of my house tour as well as my ideas page for my twin girls’ new bedroom! Smile!!


  1. This room is so fun! Aren't girls the best!!! :)

  2. Mavis e ButterfieldAugust 18, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    Dude, can you and your sewing machine please come over?

  3. Cute room! Can't wait to see how you change it up!

  4. How adorable is this room!! Stopping by from TT&J:)

  5. This room has so much love that went into it! I LOVE all the details that you added. Everything about it is just so sweet.

    Thanks for linking up at Show & Share! Hope to see more from you!

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