Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Restoration Hardware {Inspired} Island

Hi Friends!
I am so super excited to share the finished pictures of my new kitchen island with you! 
It turned out just like even better than I envisioned it, I couldn’t be happier! I’m going to do this in two posts. This first post will simply be a show and tell…and then I’ll do another post with all the steps we took to build it.
Ok, so we’ll start with a finished picture and then I’ll tell you a little about it and give you lots more views!
Here is my kitchen before the island:

January 2011 099
Actually, there is still an “island” in there. That’s a Costco rack taking the space of an island just to be sure I really wanted an island.  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t in the way and more annoying than helpful.  I have a very square kitchen, but it’s not super wide…so it’s not really meant for an island. I have approx. 96 inches between the counters.  So I built the island to be 24” and that leaves me 36” on each side of the island for walking space. Ideally I believe the recommendation is 42” but the 36” is working just fine for me.
Wait just a minute here!
This is suppose to be the show portion, not the tell portion!  I’ll give you all the details later. Smile!
Ok, but where I was going with that previous thought was that the above picture is NOT the before-an-island-picture.  HERE is a real before an island picture.
{You may need to sit down for this one.}
THIS, my friends, is the real before picture! Can you believe your eyes? yes, yes it’s the same kitchen!
Ok, anyways…back to my island.
I love islands. I think they are the centerpiece to the kitchen, which is the centerpiece of the home. I have always wanted an island. I want a place where my 3 children can “help” me cook and I can still move my elbows. Oh, see, I’m doing it again! I’m giving you all my commentary.
Here’s the inspiration…Restoration Hardware’s Salvaged Wood Kitchen Island, priced at $2,695…plus tax, plus shipping…over $3,200!  Ouch!  Well, not even ouch, just NO WAY!!
resto island
Here’s mine:
Ok, so let’s review…
And After:
I just love it! Can you tell?
And now, I get to cross one more project off my 2011 to do list! Yay!!
Ok, and like I promised, I’ll give you all the details and tell you how we made it soon…I’ve got lots of commentary to share with you.  Smile!

UPDATE:  Here you go!  Here are ALL THE DETAILS of how I built my island!!!

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  1. mavis E. ButterfieldMarch 2, 2011 at 9:12 AM

    nice work dude! now come on over to Mavis Island so we can catch up of tea. or wine.

  2. mavis E. ButterfieldMarch 2, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    * catch up ON, not "of."

  3. Celeste, this is amazing to say the least. The kitchen transformation is incredible. Great job!!!

  4. Great job! Your kitchen keeps getting better and better! :)

  5. I love yours much more than Restoration Hardware's!!! Such great work!

  6. what a lovely kitchen. I am so loving your after pictures. You all really turned that 1950's ugly of a kitchen to a keeper.
    The island is fabulous. I love how it has a rustic farmhouse feel to it. The marble top...looks like marble really finishes it off.
    I will be stopping back to hear how you did it all.
    great job!!

  7. I found your blog doing a search for Pottery Barn toddler bedding and I had to laugh because my husband just asked if I could make it after hearing the word Pottery Barn! I am very new to sewing and don't think I can quite pull that off. Looking forward to following your blog and getting project ideas!

  8. Love your new island! I can't wait to see the second post! We are in the middle of our kitchen update and I would love some carrara in my kitchen! Here's my site: http://stillwaterstory.blogspot.com/

    I am your newest follower and would love it if you'd follow me back! Again, you did an awesome job with your kitchen!

  9. I love your kitchen! The island is to die for! I can't wait to read the second post so I'm following!

  10. Love love love! Can't wait to read how you did it!

  11. Love the kitchen. I'm new to the blog...have you done a post about the whole kitchen re-do? What flooring do you have in the kitchen? It's beautiful!

  12. Hi Rachel! Thanks for your sweet comments! I have not done a kitchen re-do post yet...it's on its way. I started my blog after I did a majority of the kitchen, so I have some catch up to do!
    The floor in the kitchen is original 1950s oak planks. We had it refinished a year ago and stained it (it was that yellowish oak color)with Bona: 3/4 ebony and 1/4 mahogony.

  13. That is one cool transportation. I really love the way your kitchen have changed. Job well done.

  14. I love your kitchen island... it looks better than the original at RH

  15. You've done a great job redoing your kitchen! The island added some great character too, not just functionality! Nice job! I like the colors of your kitchen too, it looks so crisp and clean.

  16. Thank you EVERYONE for such sweet comments on my island and my kitchen. You inspire me! I really appreciate it. :-)


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