Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow and an Island

Hello friends!
Sorry, I’ve been MIA this week….here in CA we have this crazy phenomenon called Ski Week! Unlike the rest of the country that seems to be buried in snow, we’re snow deprived and need to take a week off just to get out and experience winter.  Since they’re telling us to go….
It snowed for a week straight, so we headed up on the first dry day…and what a gorgeous day it was!
Pretty good pic from the driver’s seat, huh?
The drive is only about 3 1/2 hours but at the first sight of snow, the kids were super anxious to get out and touch the stuff!  Why not?  We’re not in a hurry.
Here we are at the side of the road, still in our skirts of course!
We wasted no time once we arrived…getting right to work on a front yard snow man!
It’s a girl!
We sledded
Built snow angels
Swung from trees
Did some more sledding
No trip is complete without a stroll through downtown Truckee…
And breakfast from my all-time favorite: Squeeze In. I ate there a couple times a year for probably 8 years.  {That’s pretty good considering it’s 3 1/2 hours from home!}
I hadn’t been there in 7 years {since all my babies were born} and apparently someone else found it while I was gone!
It’s a fun {little} place…hence the name. But people wait upwards of 2 hours for a table at this wonderful neighborhood nook.
Look at the bike hanging from the ceiling! And hard to tell in the pic above, but the walls are very “decorated” too.
So then we took a quick little walk through the shops.  My favorite store has got to be The Cooking Gallery.   It’s a “hands in pocket” store.
IMG_3525 IMG_3529
Since everyone kept their hands in their pockets and nothing broke, despite the game of tag I was horrified to see happening…we popped next door into a NOT hands in pocket store. 
IMG_3533 IMG_3534
Complete with a wall of stuffed animals and…
And a wall of toy guns…even though this is still considered CA, we’re super close to the red NV.
We almost made it out without buying a thing AND without a breakdown until we saw the… Star Wars lunch box. I have to admit, I was tempted…as it brought back a wave of childhood memories…do you remember picking out your lunch box every August?
Then a few more stores for me…
IMG_3552 IMG_3553
Loved this little sign in the window one of the boutiques I did NOT get to go in.
I peeked at real estate while I had the kids run “laps” to burn a little pre-drive energy…
And we’re off!
We probably could have made it the whole way home without stopping {thank you DVD player} but I couldn’t resist a few stops…
IMG_3566 IMG_3568
Speaking of Restoration Hardware….guess what I finished?
I can’t take all the credit…the beautiful woodworking skills were that of my uncle.
I will give you a full tour of the island shortly! You can read about my progress here.
The snow was WONDERFUL…but I am glad to be back home…IMG_3753
The weather man told us to expect snow at 500 feet here at home {that happens every 35 years or so}, so my son and I hiked up Mt. Tam yesterday in search of some…well, the weather man isn’t always right.
Have a beautiful weekend!!
Hugs, Celeste!


  1. mavis E. ButterfieldFebruary 26, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    i do not feel snow deprived, that's why i live far far away from where snow normally happens! it was WEIRD seeing snow-topped trees on foliage other than fir or pine. snowy oaks? biZarre.
    "hands in the pocket stores"~ funny, i was just explaining to my 10 year old niece how my mother used to say the exact same thing!

  2. Some beautiful views!


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