Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome Stella and Dot {my first sponsor}

WARNING: I use the word cute at least a dozen times in this post.

Today, I am delighted to welcome My Greenbrae Cottage’s newest first sponsor, the fabulous and fun jewelry collection from
Stella & Dot!

Brought to you by Ruthe Woods, stylist.
“Even though I have a full time "job" with three girls and a husband, I longed for something FUN and stylish that was truly my own. I wanted a business that I was proud of, and if I worked hard I could enjoy the rewards of my own effort. When I discovered Stella & Dot, I was thrilled that I could launch my own boutique right away and work it right into my current lifestyle & activities! The product is so stylish and affordable, it sells itself! Many of my customers have already seen Stella & Dot jewelry featured in fashion magazines, like Instyle, People, Oprah and more!”

Can you say SUPER CUTE?

I don’t think there’s a piece they carry that I wouldn’t love to wear any day of the week…hint hint, honey {I know you’re reading this}

And, I am not the only one who finds their styles stunning….just look at the following they have:


Can you tell which TV shows I watch?

Anyways, here’s just a small semi-small sampling {I got carried away and couldn’t pick just a few things to share with you…it’s all SO CUTE!} of what they have to offer. You’ll have to check out the website to see more! You won’t be disappointed!


I think I’m developing a thing for turquoise all of a sudden.
Oh yeah, blue is my favorite color…well, duh!
{See here and here and here.}


What’s that? I think I hear the Bahamas calling me.
Or at least I can pretend!


Date night?  Lunch line?  BOTH! 
With these pieces, it’s easy for a girl to look cute all the time.


Just think what these will do to my plain white T!


Seriously, that owl? Does it get any cuter?


I’ve always had a crush on stacking rings.


I see a girls night out in my future!



But just when I thought it couldn’t get cuter…take a look at this:


SHHHHHHHH Don’t tell my TWIN girls about this…mama’s first in line!


Ooh la la! {we love Fancy Nancy}….they even make a handful of their pieces matching in mom and girl sizes…SO SWEET!


At any rate, you can tell how excited I am about this sponsor!

Sometime in the future, she’ll be offering give-aways…so be sure to check out her website now so you’ll know which piece{s} you can’t live without when the time comes!
And, if you just can’t wait, instant gratification is always available…just buy on line tonight and wear tomorrow next week! So, ladies {and gentlemen} get your shop on!


Ruthe also books trunk shows…so if you are in the SF Bay Area, be sure to contact her for more info: 
You can see many of the pieces in person, try them on, and giggle with girlfriends as you shop.


AD space now available!
If you or someone you know has a business that would like to advertise on My Greenbrae Cottage, please feel free to email me for details. Right now is a great time to start a relationship with me before I hit the big time while you can still get monthly rates for free next to nothing.


  1. mavis E. ButterfieldFebruary 11, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    Is that Owl Craze still going on??

  2. Stella and Dot has such cute items, I just went to a party a few months ago and bought too many things :)


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