Friday, October 15, 2010

You've been BOOed!

We started a new neighborhood tradition today, BOOing!  I got the idea from this great website, Organized Home.  They have a big Christmas idea section, including checklists and countdown tables, but also have some fun Halloween ideas, too. To put a spook on your neighborhood, give it a try!

The first house we BOOed

-Print out 2 copies of this cute poem.
-Make 2 "BOO" signs.
-Put together 2 small Halloween themed gift baskets
-Attach the poem and BOO sign to 2 neighbors' front doors and leave the gift basket on the porch. Let the BOOing begin!
-Be sure not to get "caught"! 

The air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.
With ghosts and goblins, spooks galore,
Trick-or-treaters at the door.
The spooks are after things to do.
In fact, a spook brought this to you.
The treats that come with this short note
Are yours to keep.  Enjoy them both!
Excitement grows when friends like you
One of my little spooks at work
Will copy it and make it two.
Neighbors will have smiling faces;
None can guess who "BOO-ed" which places.
A day or two to work your spell,
But keep it secret! Hide it well!
Join in the fun; the season's here.
So spread these "BOOs" - and share the cheer!

Please keep the BOO going by following these directions:

-Enjoy your treat!
-Place the BOO sign on your front door or a visible front window
-Within the next two days, make two copes of this note and two more BOO signs.
-Make two treat bags or BOO baskets
-Secretly deliver to two neighbors without a BOO
-Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast it spreads by Halloween

Whole Foods

I picked up a pumpkin pail from Target, added some "Boo" chips, Halloween Pasta and Candy Shortbread cookies.  The kids around the 'hood are already buzzing!  They've been asking all around, "Do you know who is boo-ing people?"  "So-and-so keeps saying how she was BOOed and doesn't know who did it!"  Love it!  So fun.  There's still time for you to try this in your neighborhood.
Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market

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