Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What to do with a narrow window

Hi Friends! Happy November!

With only 2 months left of 2011, I figured I’d better see how I’m doing on my House Goals for 2011! 

I’m proud to share: I checked one off today!!

Goal #11: Do something about those shutters in the master bedroom that got torn to pieces by the wild animal we live with.

For a year these dingy, used-to-be-beige, half eaten shutters have been hanging in our bedroom. Since we hope to replace these windows one day in the near future, we didn’t want to spend and arm and leg on window coverings. But the windows are so narrow, we didn’t know what to do with them.  And like most things, when we don’t have an answer, we just let them sit…and sit and sit. Eventually we get so used to looking at it, it no longer bothers us {does that ever happen to you?}

Well, last week I found the perfect solution. Restoration Hardware carries a swing arm drapery rod that extends from 11 inches- 20 inches…perfectly narrow for these narrow windows. And the best part, it matches the other drapery rods in our house.

Here’s the before.


Please excuse the less-than-inspiring master bedroom. We haven’t worked on it since finishing the board and batten {hence the reason I’ve never shown you the finished board and batten}

First, I removed the shutters.


In case you haven’t read the story yet, here’s why I had to remove them:





Drilled a couple of holes {and was super thrilled to hit a stud every time!!}





And tied on my favorite drapes, Cost Plus World Market’s Crinkle Voile drapes…LOVE THEM! I have them in my dining room too.








And here you go!


Before:                                After:

IMG_1700 IMG_1728

I admit, I do LOVE the shutter look.  I miss the shutters actually, and one day I’d like to have shutters again. But for now, this was an easy solution for a narrow window. {You just might see those exact shutters reappear as artwork over my bed one day…I’ve got some ideas bouncing around…}

Now, what else is just sitting around getting no attention ‘cause we got so used to looking at it?  Hum…..


Guess I haven’t completely finished this year’s house goals.





  1. Celeste, great job, you reminded me to dig out my list and see how I have done compared to the January's list.
    Can you tell me when to find those rods you used to hang the new curtains?
    thanks, Donna

  2. So cute!
    Love the curtains and the drapery rod!
    Im sure you'll find the perfect spot for those shutters!

    Deborah xo

  3. cute blog...your solution is good to cover the windows of bedroom...
    window shutters toowoomba

  4. The sheer drapes look great. They add a great texture to the room.

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